Forestry subsidies

As a private forest owner, you can apply for various subsidies to carry out a range of forestry works. We advise you on the application process for subsidies: we let you know when to apply for different types of subsidies and help you fill in the necessary documents.

As a member of Metsaühistu, you also have an advantage when applying for subsidies. Many subsidies can only be applied for through the local forest owners’ association, and Läänemaa Metsaühistu will do it for you.

For more information and applying get in touch with our specialists.

Forestry subsidies calendar 2023

SubsidySubsidy amountApplication deadline
Forest inventory subsidyUp to 10 €/ha1 December
Reforestation subsidySoil preparation up to 96 €/ha
Acquisition and planting of forestry plants up to 400 €/ha
Maintenance of forest regeneration up to 96 €/ha
Round I: 16 June
Round II: 17 November
Forest MeasureTo be announced19 December
Support for nature conservation restrictionsIn a forest habitat located in a Natura 2000 special management zone, a Natura 2000 limited management zone or a special conservation area, in an area designed to be a Natura 2000 special management zone, or in a special management zone outside a Natura 2000 area: 134 €/ha
In a limited management zone or special management zone in a Natura 2000 area where there is no forest habitat, and in an area designed to be a limited management zone or a special conservation area outside Natura areas: up to 60 €/ha
4 April – 2 May
Support for forest land improvementDepends on the object and the volume of works1 September
Support for heritage conservationUp to €3,1963 July
NEW! Prevention of bark-beetle damageUse of trap trees 500 €/cadastral unit
Purchase and installation of pheromone traps 40 €/set of pheromone traps
Repair of fresh storm damage 500 €/cadastral unit
1 September