Läänemaa Metsaühistu

Läänemaa Metsaühistu was founded in 2010 by a dozen forest owners in Lääne County. What distinguishes the Läänemaa Metsaühistu from other forest owners’ associations is the large number of Swedish forest owners and the fact that Swedish is one of the working languages. As there are many descendants of former coastal Swedes in Lääne County, the newly formed association was introduced to Swedish forest owners in Stockholm, who embraced the idea and joined over the span of a couple of years.

Under the leadership of then CEO Mikk Link, they began assisting with forest subsidy applications and organising harvesting operations. Today, more than 600 forest owners are offered a full range of services based on the life cycle of the forest.

Läänemaa Metsaühistu

Membership in Läänemaa Metsaühistu grows each year

While the first two years were quieter, since 2012 the number of members in Läänemaa Metsaühistu has grown steadily. Each year, new forest owners join, entrusting us with the management of their forests.
382 members
7 140 ha
414 members
8 451 ha
505 members
9 780 ha
552 members
11 000 ha
607 members
12 135 ha
603 members
12 326 ha
623 members
12 400 ha
643 members
12 643 ha

Join Läänemaa Metsaühistu!

Whether your forest is big or small, by the sea or in a primeval forest – we welcome everyone.
We know Lääne County and its surroundings the best and know the local characteristics.

7 reasons why You should join Metsaühistu. See also our articles of association (pdf).

Membership fee

Admission fee €0
Annual fee €20


Download the application form below, fill it in, sign it and send it by post to our office at
Läänemaa Metsaühistu
Tallinna mnt 80 Uuemõisa 90401
Haapsalu, Estonia

Download the application

FSC Certification. Metsaühistu

FSC Certification

Since 16.10.2013, the Central Cooperative of Private Forests has been managing the FSC forest certification.

The FSC certificate ensures that raw materials are separated from non-certified and uncontrolled forest material throughout the supply chain, making it possible to determine the origin of the material and trace it to the final product.