Why join Metsaühistu?

7 key questions about joining Metsaühistu

What is Metsaühistu anyway?

In the simplest of terms, it is an organisation set up by forest owners themselves. The forest owner is both the owner of the Forest Association and also the client. In addition to consuming services for the management of their forest, forest owners can also have a say in the Association’s affairs, if they wish. The aim of the Forest Association is not to make a profit, but to stand up for the interests of forest owners.

Miks liituda Metsaühistuga?
Miks liituda Metsaühistuga

How big does a forest have to be to join Metsaühistu?

Whether your forest is big or small, by the sea or in a primeval forest, we welcome everyone. There is no minimum requirement for joining Metsaühistu. The smallest forest that has joined us is less than 1 ha.

The only condition is that you own the forest. The owner of a forest in common or joint ownership can also join. Either alone or together with the other owners. We recommend you do it together, because it’s better for you. For example, forestry subsidies and income tax refunds will be more generous.

Why is it beneficial for me to join Metsaühistu?

Metsaühistu can help you manage your forest so that its value increases over time. We will keep you up to date with the different forestry works, help you carry them out and let you know when it is time to apply for forestry subsidies. Many subsidies can only be applied for through the Forest Owners’ Associations.

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How much does it cost to join Metsaühistu and what do I get for it?

To join Metsaühistu, you must pay an annual membership fee. However, the amount of the membership fee and the basis on which it is calculated varies from one association to another. The common feature is that the forest owners decide on the membership fee themselves. Find out more about our membership conditions.

The membership fee is one of the sources with which Metsaühistu covers its costs, allowing them to provide the most basic of services. Often, this means being able to meet forest owners in the office in the first place and providing them with the information they need on an ongoing basis.

When can I join Metsaühistu?

You can join Metsaühistu at any time. Fill in our application form and we will contact you shortly to take the next steps.

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Miks liituda metsaühistuga

What are my rights and obligations as a member of Metsaühistu?

As a member of Metsaühistu, you have the right to use the services offered by the Association and to contribute to its development and activities by joining in the discussion. The obligation is to pay an annual membership fee.

Which association should I join if my forest is located far away from home, even in another part of Estonia?

It doesn’t matter where you live or where your forest is located. Local associations work closely together and coordinate their activities to get your forest work done. So go to the association that is closest or most convenient for you.

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